There are many different opinions about Keen psychic scams and paranormal supernatural powers in general. At one end of the spectrum there are people who totally believe in supernatural powers. At the other end of the spectrum there are people who utterly deny any supernatural powers at all. In the middle are those who just don’t know. What the real truth of the matter is no one can really know.

It is easy to debunk those who claim they have psychic or paranormal abilities. It is just as easy to believe in psychic abilities if you are desperate. If you have lost a loved one to an act of violence or they are missing and the police can not solve the crime you may be desperate enough to want to employ a psychic to help you.


You have probably seen the stories about psychics being used by the police to solve baffling murders or cases of missing people. Even police work, which is founded on science, evidence and reason, will turn to the irrational when it runs of out answers. It is easy to imagine, therefore, that someone who is suffering will find comfort with psychic counseling.

The thing that you must be wary of are the con artists who prey on those who are vulnerable. Those who financially drain people with psychic readings are committing fraud. This is different than the psychic practitioner who sincerely believes in their abilities. There is nothing wrong with someone getting solace and comfort from a psychic reading and paying a small fee for it.

Whether a psychic really does have supernatural powers is not the issue. The issue is that many people get comfort and hope from consulting with a psychic. If the psychic practitioner sincerely believes in what they are doing and if they are not taking advantage of their customers then they are actually providing a valuable service. Society has no problems with people spending money on entertainment, which gives us pleasure, or giving money to a church, which gives us comfort, then what is wrong with paying a reasonable fee to a psychic practitioner.


If a person wants to consult a psychic what right does anybody have in telling them they can not do it. If a person gets comfort from psychic counseling then why should anyone interfere with this. The important thing is that the psychic is not taking advantage of a vulnerable person financially.

The debate regarding keen psychic scams is destined to go on. This is one thing you do not have to be a psychic to predict. However, as long as a person is not being taking advantage of financially or emotionally, psychic counseling can bring people comfort and peace.